DIY Kiki Milk Recipe Using Kiki Butter

DIY Kiki Milk Recipe Using Kiki Butter

Making Kiki Milk from home just got a whole lot easier🪄🥛! 

When we were playing around with ways to make Kiki Milk more affordable, we first came up with the idea to make Kiki Milk kits 🥥🌾🍌🎁. But then ☝️, all of the sudden, it hit us🤯! What if we create a concentrate using all the ingredients our customers already know and love, minus the water 💧! Voila 🪄…Kiki Butter was born!

This dual-purpose product is plant butter (like almond butter or peanut butter, except allergen-friendly💯) AND plant milk 👏. All you have to do is blend it with water for easy, nutritious homemade dairy-free milk. It's the closest thing to making organic plant milk from scratch without the hassle! ⏰🥛⁠


Recipe: How to make Kiki Milk at home using Kiki Butter

 Makes two 8 oz servings 

  1. In your Kiki Blend, or any blender of choice, add 16oz of water and 3 tbsp of Kiki Butter
  2. For a creamier consistency & a touch of sweetness, add 1/3 of a banana
  3. Blend for roughly 30 seconds (or until smooth) & serve! 

Storage tip: This version of Kiki Milk is best served fresh, but if you want to pre-make it in bulk and use it throughout the week, we recommend storing it in a glass jar and placing it in your fridge. It should be good for 2-3 days, just be sure to shake it (as always 😉) before serving since real food separates ☝️.


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We can’t wait to hear about your blending (& tasting) experience!


DIY Kiki Milk Recipe Using Kiki Butter