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(6 Pack of 32oz)
We decided to package Kiki Milk in a 6-pack to reduce package waste and transportation emissions. Your order will have a lower carbon footprint, and more Kiki Milk. Win, win 🏆

Introducing Mac Nut Kiki Milk: It's time for a decadent, delicious, creamy macadamia milk made with only real food.

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1 Case
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gmo free GMO FREE
gum free GUM FREE
soy free SOY FREE
gluten free GLUTEN FREE
Ingredients & Nutrition
Ingredients & Nutrition


Nut-Based Milk Blend (Filtered Water Organic Macadamia Nuts, Organic Cashews, Organic Brazil Nuts), Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Oats, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Coconuts, Organic Aquamin™ (seaweed), Sea Salt. Contains: Tree nuts (Coconut, Macadamia Nuts, Cashews, Brazil Nuts)

Nutrition Serving Size 8oz

  • Calories140
  • Total Fat10g
  • Saturated Fat3g
  • Trans Fat0g
  • Cholesterol0mg
  • Sodium6mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 10g
  • Dietary Fiber 2g
  • Total Sugars 4g
  • Protein 4g
  • Vitamin D0mcg
  • Potassium 70mg
  • Magnesium 35mg
  • Calcium 310mg
  • Iron 1.9mg
  • Selenium 16mcg


gmo free GMO FREE
gum free GUM FREE
soy free SOY FREE
gluten free GLUTEN FREE
dairy free DAIRY FREE
certified organic CERTIFIED ORGANIC
carbon neutral CARBON NEUTRAL
no glyphosate NO GLYPHOSATE

It’s time to unleash the magic of macadamia nuts

With ORGANIC macadamia nuts, brazil nuts and cashews, this is a decadent plant milk like no other

Nuts and seeds are rich with protein, omega 3s, calcium, selenium, copper, and magnesium

Third-party lab tested for pesticides and heavy metals, is glyphosate free, and contains zero additives

Tastes like paradise, nourishes like mother nature

Mac Nut’s delectably delicious combination of organic macadamia nuts, cashews and brazil nuts (AKA our terrific trio) – along with sprouted pumpkin seeds, oats, coconut, coconut sugar and Aquamin™ – makes for a velvety and nutritionally-diverse milk

Rich in calcium for strong bones

35mg of magnesium for cognitive function

Great source of selenium for immune and thyroid support

Nuts and seeds are high in antioxidants to fight inflammation 


Serving Size 8oz




Total Fat


Saturated Fat


Trans Fat




  • Total Carbohydrates 10g
  • Dietary Fiber 2g
  • Total Sugars 4g
  • Protein 4g
  • Vitamin D0mcg
  • Potassium 70mg
  • Magnesium 35mg
  • Calcium 310mg
  • Iron 1.9mg
  • Selenium 16mcg

Made for kids, enjoyed by all

creamy taste
No fillers, oils, or gums
Carbon neutral
ONLY whole food ingredients
Glyphosate Residue Free Certified
Shelf stable
Certified Organic


  • Is Mac Nut available for subscription? 

    Not at the moment since this is a limited run. BUT☝️rest assured, it will be very soon! For updates and notifications, join our newsletter (link below) 💫.

  • For what age range is Kiki Milk recommended? 

    Generally, doctors and pediatricians recommend mainly breastmilk or formula for children until the age of one. *After one, they can begin to transition to regular milk or other milk alternatives.

    According to our nutritionist, Vicki Kobliner, MS RDN, CD-N, organic whole food sources are especially important for young kids since they are still developing. Kiki Milk is made with only organic whole food ingredients and contains no gums, seed oils, refined sugars, preservatives, GMOs, glyphosate, gluten, nuts (except coconuts), or soy. To learn more about why Kiki Milk's is great for kids, read our blog post here. For practical advice, talk to your child's pediatrician.

    *Kiki Milk is not meant to replace breast milk or infant formula.

  • What is Aquamin, and how much calcium is in Kiki Milk?

    Aquaman is a superhero that possesses superhuman strength, the ability to breathe underwater, and the capacity to communicate telepathically with creatures of the sea, among other powers. Drink Kiki Milk, and you just might be able to do the same!

    But, actually:

    Aquamin™ is a unique marine multi-mineral complex, providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and approximately 72 other trace marine minerals*. It supports bone health, reduces inflammation, and makes for a happier and healthier gut. It's a seaweed superfood.

    Where does it come from?

    ⭐ Aquamin™ is extracted from the cell wall of the red marine algae, Lithathamnion calcareum, which is harvested from the cold Atlantic waters off the northwest and southwest coast of Ireland. Over the course of its 5-year lifespan, the algae absorb trace minerals from the sea, giving Aquamin™ its unique multi-mineral content. The algae are then naturally broken down and settled into the sea beds forming calcified skeletal remains, which are harvested with international standards for sustainable marine aquaculture.

    Why do we use Aquamin™ in Kiki Milk?

    ⭐ For plant-based calcium! Thanks to some mighty seaweed, Kiki Milk Original has 228 mg of calcium per serving and Kiki Milk Chocolate has 229 mg of calcium per serving. That makes a pretty good dent in your daily calcium targets and gives you real food fuel to get you through the day.

    *Aquamin™ contains a wide spectrum of trace minerals assimilated from sea water.

    Aquamin™ is a natural ingredient and trace mineral levels may vary over time.

  • Why does Kiki Milk separate?

    We don’t use emulsifiers, AKA chemical additives that bind ingredients together to make them artificially smooth, creamy, and pretty. If you see clumps, that’s actually a good sign. They indicate whole food ingredients which naturally separate. Just give your Kiki Milk a good shake before enjoying and you’ll experience the true taste of nature!

  • How long does Kiki Milk stay fresh?

    Thanks to our shelf-stable packaging, unopened Kiki Milk will keep safe and flavorful for at least 12 months (or by the “Best if Used By” date) without refrigeration or preservatives! This means you can store it in your pantry or even take it with you when traveling.

    However, once you are ready to enjoy Kiki Milk, we highly recommend drinking it cold for the best experience. Simply add a few cartons (or the entire case 😉) of Kiki Milk into your fridge for at least 2 hours before consuming. Pro tip: The more you add to the fridge at once, the more you have on hand to enjoy later without waiting.

    If you don’t finish a carton in a single sitting, no problem! Opened Kiki Milk stays fresh for up to seven days as long as you refrigerate it.

    Just remember: Real food spoils.

Kiki is Loved!

I love this and so does my kid! Just wish we could buy it in a larger carton!


My little boy loves Kiki it’s amazing and best of all healthy and safe


I love the clean ingredients, and I feel good giving it to my grandchildren


Not sure which Kiki Milk you want? Try our Sample pack!

For a limited time, we are offering the Kiki Milk Sample Box that comes with two 8 oz Original and two 8 oz Chocolate milks, so you can try them both. Done 

Try the Sample Pack

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