Mac Nut Ingredient Deep Dive
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Mac Nut Ingredient Deep Dive

Why We Added Nuts to the Mix


While our Chocolate & Original Kiki Milk are happily nut-free, we decided that if we are going to make a nut milk, it would be Mac Nut – THE holy grail of all nut milks. With its abundance of organic macadamia nuts, brazil nuts and cashews, this velvety blend is BURSTING with real food flavor. 🌰✨

Most milks seem to drown far-too-few nuts in a bunch of other not-so-great ingredients like oils (“sunflower oil”) and thickeners (i.e. “guar gum”), refined sugars (i.e. “cane sugar”), and synthetically-fortified vitamins and minerals (i.e. “calcium carbonate”) 😲. 

👉 Kiki Mac Nut is unlike any other nut milk on the market. Made with only whole food ingredients, 🌴 it tastes like plant milk paradise! 🌞 

In addition to our ORGANIC decadent nut trio, Mac Nut contains sprouted pumpkin seeds, oats, coconut, coconut sugar and Aquamin™– that’s it! 👏 The wow factor is real, thanks to all the REAL (whole food!) ingredients. 


Our Terrific Trio of Nuts


Macadamia Nuts


Crunchy, creamy, buttery and loaded with essential nutrients like monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein, magnesium, iron, potassium, and selenium, Macadamia nuts truly ARE the holy grail of all nuts.

Not only do they taste delicious, but they have several health benefits, like helping to regulate your blood sugar, boost your energy, focus and mood, and keep you satiated.

Though macadamia nuts often get a bad rap for being the “fattiest nut,” it's important to note that around 80% of the fat in macadamia nuts is monounsaturated fat, aka the good fat! Studies show that monounsaturated fats can help with weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease and decrease inflammation. Macadamia nuts are also a low glycemic index food, meaning they don’t spike your blood sugar.

👉 Each 8oz serving of Mac Nut Kiki Milk contains 4 whole macadamia nuts! This is 200% more macadamia nuts than what Milkadamia offers in their milk 🤯. 




Kidney-shaped with a delicate flavor and a slightly firm yet creamy texture, Cashews are known to offer an excellent source of copper. Copper helps the body use iron and is important for nerve function, bone growth, and glucose metabolism. Cashews are also rich in magnesium and contain a good amount of plant iron, zinc, and protein. 

👉 Each 8oz serving of Mac Nut Kiki Milk contains 1 whole cashew! Woo-wee! 

Fun Fact: Cashews are actually seeds that are grown on the outside of the cashew apple 🍎  


Brazil Nuts


Did you know that brazil nuts contain the highest amount of selenium than any other food?! For every 1-ounce serving (6-8 nuts), they offer 544 mcg or 987% of the recommended daily value, meaning by simply consuming ONE brazil nut, you are meeting 100% of your daily selenium intake 🤯. Not only are brazil nuts mini selenium powerhouses, but they also have an incredible taste and texture too. Crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside, they have a nutty, mildly smoky finish. Talk about decadent! 🤌  

What is selenium exactly? Simply put, selenium is an essential nutrient that the body needs to stay healthy. It is important for reproduction, thyroid gland function, DNA production, and protecting the body from damage caused by free radicals and infection.

👉 Each 8oz serving of Mac Nut Kiki Milk contains ⅕ of a brazil nut. This amount is intentional because too much of a good thing, like selenium, can become a not-so-good thing, especially for little bodies. While selenium toxicity is rare and requires heaps of selenium to cause any side effects, please consult with your doctor if you have any questions.


Our Seed Superstar

Mac Nut Kiki Milk is a nut and seed blend, after all ☝️.


Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin seeds may be small, but they sure as heck are mighty 🏋️. Just one serving of pumpkin seeds (about 85 seeds) offers 156 mg of magnesium, which is 37% of your daily value! Magnesium is a crucial mineral that helps with muscle and nerve function, blood pressure regulation, boosts the immune system, and supports stress and sleep management. It plays a role in many important functions, yet most people don’t get enough of it in their diet (Kiki Milk can help change that 😉). Pumpkin seeds are also great sources of copper, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc, and are packed with powerful antioxidants which help fight inflammation.

👉 Each 8oz serving of Mac Nut Kiki Milk contains 27 sprouted pumpkin seeds! Why sprouted? The sprouting process breaks down some of the starch in the seeds, which makes the percentage of nutrients higher and in turn helps with digestion and absorption.


Let’s not forget our super duper foods!


While macadamia nuts, cashews, brazil nuts, and pumpkin seeds make up the base of Mac Nut Kiki Milk, we made sure to leave room for other Kiki Milk ingredients you already know and love:

⭐ Organic glyphosate-free oats for protein and fiber 
⭐ Organic, low glycemic coconut sugar for a touch of sweetness
⭐ Organic coconuts for healthy fats and creaminess
⭐ Organic Aquamin (seaweed) for bioavailable calcium 
⭐ Sea Salt to bring out all the flavors


As you can tell, each and every ingredient in Mac Nut Kiki Milk has a purpose tied to nutrition, taste, and texture. When blended together, they give you the most delicious, velvety, nutrient-rich mac nut milk you have ever tried. 


We can’t wait to hear what you think!


Worried about cross-contamination?


Kiki Milk is made in a peanut-free facility. We do, however, share our line with products that contain: Soy, Milk, Wheat, Egg, Fish, Tree Nut, Sunflower, Sulfites, Sesame, Celery, and Tomatoes.

That being said, we have stringent Quality Assurance procedures in place that require cleaning, inspection, and testing of the equipment to ensure that any presence of a big 8 allergen is removed from our production lines before processing our product.

We also take it a step further and test our final product for allergens to confirm and verify that our procedures are operating as designed and that all of our claims are accurate.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us at