Recipe: Homemade Mac Nut Kiki Milk
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Recipe: Homemade Mac Nut Kiki Milk

💫 It’s that time of year again...



⁠Sharing our Kiki Milk recipes with you on Black Friday has become one of our favorite company traditions. This year, we’re excited to share with you a version of Mac Nut Kiki Milk that you can make at home.

We hope sharing how to make our own Kiki Milk recipe with you will give you an opportunity to make something (indefinitely!). This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than creating something delicious and nutritious from scratch!

Watch the video: How To Make Mac Nut Kiki Milk

Watch Kiki Milk Co-Founder, Lauren, and her son, Alakai, make Mac Nut Kiki Milk from scratch in their home kitchen - the very place Kiki Milk was born over 3 years ago!



The Recipe

Here's what you'll need to make this version of Kiki Milk at home: 

  • A high speed blender
  • A nut milk bag or fine mesh strainer
  • A few specific key Kiki Milk ingredients that makes our milk super special and nutrient-dense

*Makes roughly 4 servings


ICYMI: Here are our homemade recipes for Original Kiki Milk and Chocolate Kiki Milk.

We hope the milk you make makes you happy! 

- The Kiki Milk Fam

2 Minute Read

Recipe: Homemade Mac Nut Kiki Milk