Kiki Milk is Glyphosate-Residue Free

Frequently Asked Question: Can you tell me about how you're testing for glyphosate and heavy metals? 


Using the LC-MS/MS method, we test all our ingredients annually to ensure they are free from glyphosate residue. Because oats, one of our key Kiki Milk ingredients, are most at risk for containing glyphosate, we triple check them by ensuring that each batch is tested to confirm it is free from glyphosate.

Currently we are working towards receiving our glyphosate free certification, which will consist of testing our product 3 times a year and verifying that it is not present. Our goal is to have glyphosate free labels on our products so you can feel 100% confident you are purchasing a clean-label product.

Heavy metals are tested on all our ingredients. While we test our final product annually to confirm that heavy metal levels are staying below specific limits, we focus more on testing each individual ingredient before it’s mixed with other ingredients. That way we can easily pinpoint sources of heavy metals before they contaminate our final product.


*All tests are performed by a 3rd party laboratory.