Holiday Gift Guide
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Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays upon us, you may be seeking unique ways to show love to the special people in your life. Perhaps you’d like to give a gift that has a positive and widespread ripple effect. One that supports an intentional brand doing good in the world, your loved one’s well-being, and the health of the planet. If so, we’d like to help you do just that! 

At Kiki Milk, we know the most amazing brands and products have emerged from facing real problems. Mainly issues the founders faced in their personal lives where a solution didn't yet exist. And we’re all about supporting these awesome companies. We know their heart is in the right place as they are sharing newfound solutions to these obstacles and providing better options for those encountering the same. 

We know this well because that’s Kiki Milk’s story, too. Kiki Milk was first created in the home of our Founders out of pure necessity. They were seeking a supplemental formula for their son Alakai – one that was dairy-free and soy-free – but came up empty-handed. So they got to work creating their own, using locally-available ingredients like fresh coconuts, along with naturally nutrient-dense whole foods (including organic oats, organic sprouted pumpkin seeds, and organic hemp seeds). This was the inspiration for Kiki Milk: to provide a delicious, clean-label, nutrient-dense, plant-based milk that’s made specifically with children in mind. 

There are a plethora of amazing brands with similar backstories. Brands that have made it their mission to help others navigate illness, allergies, our overall health, or that of the planet. In light of this, we want to celebrate these companies and share them with you. 

Below you’ll find a handful of our favorite products that our Founders use on a regular basis. Many of these go above and beyond in their own way – whether it’s being Glyphosate-residue free (like Kiki Milk), using plastic-free packaging, or being carbon neutral. And the list goes on! These products are made by brands that align with Kiki Milk’s values and share our big vision of doing better for both our health and the planet. Feel free to use this list like a Gift Guide from a trusted source – go spoil a loved one, or nourish your own family, home, and body. 

If showing love for someone means caring about their health and vitality, consider buying from (and supporting) these wonderful companies. We know shopping can be overwhelming during this time. Our hope is to make gift-giving a little more fun by sharing these intentional, Kiki-trusted brands. Enjoy!




We love finding kid-friendly brands that keep little ones healthy, happy and nourished!


Skout Organic


Skout Organic makes the perfect on-the-go Organic Kids Bars. It’s as easy as unwrapping and snacking because each bar is made with seven or less ingredients. And they all come from fruit or plants – just as naturally as they'd grow in your own backyard. Not to mention… they’re delicious!

What our Founders love about this product: “These bars are made with really clean ingredients and are a great size for little kids. They’re perfect for when you want something sweet or when you’re out and about with family. Our son Alakai enjoys the Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Blueberry Blast bars the most!”

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Organic Olivia


Organic Olivia has a range of herbal medicinal formulas, but we especially love their Kid’s Line. Every product uses wildcrafted and organic herbs untouched by pesticides, giving us peace of mind. Along with the fact that Organic Olivia strives to bridge the gap between the gifts of Western medicine and the wisdom of traditional herbalism. What more could we want when our kiddo needs a bit of extra TLC? 

What our Founders love about this product: “We use Mighty Minerals almost daily. It’s great for picky eaters or anyone who needs an extra nutritional boost. Chest Comfort is what we turn to whenever we feel a cold coming on. I keep it on-hand because it always does the trick! The Guardian Tea is also incredible, both Alakai and I enjoy it.” 

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Snack time should be nutritious – AND fun! But it can be hard to navigate the numerous ingredients in ready-to-enjoy foods. The following companies make it easy to choose clean, convenient snacks the whole family will love.


Moonshot Snacks


For those who like to nibble – and love our planet – Moonshot has the perfect cracker! Their Variety Pack includes three wildly delicious flavors, making it easy to pair with your favorite dip. Not only are these crackers organic and climate-friendly, Moonshot also forms direct connections with their farmers (no suppliers used!), making their ingredients traceable right back to the earth and where they grew.

What our Founders love about this product: “We are particular about our wheat consumption (wheat is often mono cropped, which is bad for soil; it's also heavily-sprayed with pesticides, unless organic), and this one is a home run for sourcing and impact on the planet. They’re good for a snack board and great with fresh hummus!” 

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Let’s Be Bessties!

Let’s Be Bessties! makes Organic High Fiber Crackers that are packed with artisan-milled bran, rye, and flaxseeds. As hinted by their namesake, they pride themselves on making the cleanest fiber cracker around – no additives, GMOs or chemicals are used. We especially adore their Variety 4 Pack, because “Everything Bagel” should always be an option! 

What our Founders love about this product: “These crackers are like a mini meal for us, and you can get really playful with toppings – from sweet to savory. One of our favorite combos at the moment is crackers topped with homemade hummus and cucumber. Clean ingredients and filling from all that good fiber.”

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Seven Sundays

Good, clean cereals are hard to find. Yet Seven Sunday’s Sunflower Cereals tick all the boxes! This award-winning cereal is Paleo, keto-friendly and gluten-free, and comes in recycled and resealable packaging. Each flavor is made with upcycled sunflower seeds (yay to high protein, high fiber, and regenerative agriculture!), and eight or less real-food ingredients, like fruit and coconut oil. 

What our Founders love about this product: “Obsessed! Grain-free with no seed oils, cane sugar, natural flavors or artificial flavors. Clean and minimal ingredients, certified Glyphosate Residue Free (like Kiki Milk), non-GMO, crunchy, AND tastes amazing with Kiki Milk. My [Lauren’s] favorite combo is Real Berry cereal with Original Kiki MIlk. Alakai loves Real Cocoa cereal with Chocolate Kiki Milk.”

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Pique Life

Pique Life designs nature-based teas and supplements, for head-to-toe health and beauty. Their high-quality ingredients are sourced from the most biodiverse and ecological destinations, where they’ve formed deep relationships with multi-generational farmers, teamasters, traditional medicine doctors and ingredient scientists. Sun Goddess Matcha is a cupboard staple around here, and makes a fabulous gift for the green tea lover in your life.

What our Founders love about this product: “Ceremonial grade and organic, which is super important when it comes to teas. I [Lauren] make Kiki Milk Matcha Lattes almost daily.”

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Choosing what goes on our bodies and in our home is just as important to us as the food we put into our bellies. The following natural products are beautiful choices for a simple and healthful lifestyle. 


Humble Brands

Looking to stay fresh… naturally? Humble Brands make a Deodorant with ingredients we can actually pronounce; absolutely no aluminum, talc, parabens, or anything synthetic here! And they put just as much care into sustainability as they do their products, by prioritizing ethical sourcing, intentional manufacturing, and a joyful workplace environment. This is a gift that will feel good all around – not just in the pits!

What our Founders love about this product: “I love the Palo Santo & Frankincense, and how it comes in cardboard, plastic-free packaging. The way they scent it is natural and beautiful, and it works without irritating your skin.”

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Branch Basics

Branch Basics makes it easy to remove toxic cleaning products from your home, to better support overall health. Made of plant and mineral-based ingredients and void of any harmful chemicals, their formula is both safe and effective. Take a look at the Premium Starter Kit, which provides an eco-friendly solution for every cleaning job, including kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors and windows, pets, laundry, hands, and dishes.

What our Founders love about this product: “This is the best, most natural cleaning product and it’s highly effective. It gets out every stain, without damaging material; even coffee, ink and wine. It’s derived from natural ingredients and is so gentle – we even use the concentrate for Alakai’s bubble bath.”

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Thank you for trusting our suggestions and considering the above purchases. Not only will these gifts foster wellness in those you care about, they’ll also support the sustainable brand behind the product, making you a powerful part of their worthy endeavors. 

Finally, we’d like to make it clear that we are not affiliates, nor do we earn commission on these products. We simply want to share these outstanding brands because they have done wonders for us – and we want the same for you!

Before you go… Do you prefer to give someone an experience over a physical item? If so, we have a delicious, cozy recipe for Homemade Chocolate Kiki Milk that you can make with loved ones. Whichever route you choose, you can’t go wrong!