From Farmers Market to Your Family’s Table: Your Guide to Seasonal Eating
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From Farmers Market to Your Family’s Table: Your Guide to Seasonal Eating

Seasonal eating is a delicious and planet friendly way to experience the best of what nature has to offer. By choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season, you get to enjoy TASTIEST, most SCRUMPTIOUS foods of all, as grown by Mother Nature herself. Read on for benefits, shopping tips, and family fun surrounding seasonal eating!


What Are The Benefits Of Shopping Seasonally For Produce?


Shopping seasonally means you get fresher and more flavorful produce. Fruits and veggies are bursting with goodness as they are harvested at their peak ripeness, in harmony with Mother Nature. Seasonal produce is kinder on the environment, too, as it often travels fewer miles to reach your plate and requires less resources for cultivation.


What Are Some Tips For Navigating Our Local Farmer’s Market?


  1. Grab your reusable bags or a nifty basket and set out early! Some vendors might sell out before the market closes, so this will give you the best selection. If it’s your first time at a particular market, take a stroll to compare prices, quality, and to note any certifications that may be important to you. (For example, we love buying organic when possible.)

  2. Next, get chatty! Have conversations with vendors (quite often, these are the farmers themselves) who can offer a plethora of insight, such as how their produce was grown, detecting ripeness, and advice on how to prepare your bounty.

  3. Stalls will often provide samples, too! Enjoy your share of these generous taste tests; it’s the perfect chance to try new varieties of fruits and vegetables you haven’t encountered before.


What Can Kiddos Learn From Seasonal Eating?


Munching on fruits and veggies that are in season can help kids discover just how miraculous nature really is! They can witness how food grows in harmony with nature’s rhythms, which whole foods flourish at different times of the year, and why they taste the BEST when they’re ripe and ready.


How Can I Get My Family Involved?


Rally your entire crew for a fun Farmer’s Market excursion! Samples are not only enticing, they’re also an easy and delicious way to illustrate just HOW GOOD in-season fruits and veggies taste. Let each family member get involved with picking out their favorites. That way, there's a good chance there will be a kitchen full of sous chefs later on, ready to prepare the market’s harvest!


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