Kiki Milk Bedtime Bundle
Kiki Milk Bedtime Bundle
Kiki Milk Bedtime Bundle
Kiki Milk Bedtime Bundle
Kiki Milk Bedtime Bundle
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Kiki Milk Bedtime Bundle New

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Wind down with a warm cup of Kiki Milk and a dreamy bedtime story.
Inside the Bundle:
Unsweetened Kiki Milk (32 oz 6 pack)
Kiki Kids Cup (8 oz)
Children's Bedtime Book
Ingredients & Nutrition
glyphosate-residue free GLYPHOSATE-RESIDUE FREE
gum free GUM FREE
dairy free DAIRY FREE
nut free NUT FREE
soy free SOY FREE

The imaginative world of Kiki Milk now extends BEYOND the carton.

  • Unsweetened Kiki Milk32 oz (6 pack)

    Unsweetened Kiki Milk is cleanest, most versatile plant milk, with ZERO added sugar. Enjoy a clean, satisfying, unsweetened plant milk blend – with no added sugars AND ample carbohydrates to fuel your adventures. Excellent Source of Calcium, Good Source of Magnesium, 5 grams of plant protein per serving, and 7 grams of healthy fats from coconut, sprouted pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds.


    Plant-Based Milk Blend (Filtered Water Organic Rice, Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Coconuts), Organic Aquamin™ (seaweed), Organic Bananas, Sea Salt

  • Kiki Kids Cup 8 oz

    Reasons to sip from a Kiki Cup:

    • BPA-Free Stainless Steel 
    • Double Wall Insulation (great for warm or cold beverages)
    • Food Grade Silicone Straw (for kid-friendly sipping!)
    • Easy to clean! (we recommend hand-washing)


    Capacity: 8 fl oz

  • Children's Bedtime Book

    We wrote this story to offer a playful nighttime ritual. Before dreaming up the adventures we can go on while we're asleep, it helps to wind down and relax. So warm up a cup of Kiki Milk, take a couple of deep breaths, and begin to allow your imagination to float away, so the wonders of the day can continue into the night.

    For extra fun: Can you find all the Kiki characters?!

How to wind down with your Kiki nighttime ritual 💤

  • Step 1

    Warm up a cup of Unsweetened Kiki Milk in a saucepan on the stove, and pour into your 8 oz Kiki Kids Cup.

  • Step 2

    Remove the straw to safely sip warmed Kiki Milk from your Kiki Kids Cup. Take a couple deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

  • Step 3

    Snuggle up with your Bedtime Book, "Let's Meet In Our Dreams," and allow your imagination to float away.

Kiki is Loved!

I love this and so does my kid! Just wish we could buy it in a larger carton!


My little boy loves Kiki it’s amazing and best of all healthy and safe


I love the clean ingredients, and I feel good giving it to my grandchildren


Not sure which Kiki Milk you want? Try our sample box!

For a limited time, we are offering the Kiki Milk Sample Box that comes with two 8 oz Original and two 8 oz Chocolate milks, so you can try them both. Done 

Try the Sample Box

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